What Everything Means

Green Megaphones

Green megaphones are Hops you've created or joined.

Blue Megaphones

Blue megaphones are active Hops around you.


Turns on and off your location sharing.

Home Protection

Stops sharing your location within a 0.5 miles of your home.

Location Pins

Popular locations people have visited and liked.


Provide flare for your Hop cards.

Everything About a Hop

1.How do I create a Hop?
Click the big “+” sign on the bottom of the page, write what you want, press post, and you’ve created your Hop!
2.How do I invite my friends to my Hop?
Simply tag your friends by typing @name or clicking on their picture and they’ll get a notification letting them know that you want to hang out.
3.Can I join a Hop with someone I haven’t followed?
For now, you can only join Hops of people you follow and also follow you back. Start a conversation with someone new and you can start Hopping with them in no time.
4.What if I like a person’s Hop or want to hang out at the same place again?
All you have to do is tap the repost button and customize the Hop to your liking.
5.How long do my Hops stay on the map?
A Hop stays on the map for one hour, and if your friends join in the Hop extends an extra hour.
6.My friends aren’t on HopOver. How can I invite them?
Easy. On the top left corner you’ll see an icon. Click on it and you’ll be able to search for your Facebook friends and mobile contacts. You’ll be alerted when your friends join HopOver, and they’ll automatically follow you back.
7.What’s with the silly bios?
When you join HopOver, you’re given a random bio. Go to your profile, tap on your bio, and make it your own.
8.Can I make a Hop with my friends on Android?
Sorry Android users, we still love you. We currently do not have an Android version, but we will soon. Stay tuned.

Account & Privacy

1.How can I hide my location from certain people?
While local social networking is fun and easy, your privacy is important to us. To keep you safe, your exact location is only revealed to people you are following.
2.Does HopOver show everyone my home address?
Heck no! No matter what you’re safe with Home Protection. Go on your profile, click on settings, and our Home Protection feature will display. Enter your address, turn on the feature, and whenever you’re half a mile from your house your location will be hidden.
3.Can I block someone?
Yes. But not right now. We are currently building that for you, so stay tuned for our next update.
4.Are all Hops public? Can I make a private Hop?
All Hops are currently public. Any Hop is visible on the map, but you can only join a Hop if you and the creator are following each other. Make sure specific friends get notifications by tagging them in the shout.
5.What does HopOver require access to?
HopOver requires access to your basic Facebook information and current location. We also give you the option to turn on push notifications so you can always be in the know with what’s going on around you.
6.What information is shared on Facebook?
Don’t worry about a thing, you’re in complete control. You can share your Hops on Facebook, but we won’t post anything on your behalf without your permission.

Technical Support & Feedback

We’re always trying to improve HopOver and would love to hear what we could do better. Send questions and feedback to hello@gethopover.com. Our headquarters are located at: 950 De Guigne Dr. Sunnyvale, CA 94085.
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